Lady Mary and the Marquis van Shyzer

The world’s foremost aristocratic cabaret superstars, Lady Mary and the Marquis van Shyzer have been performing together ever since an ill-timed blizzard forced their chance meeting in the MIP lounge of the Ljubljana train station. The pair made a decision that very night to trade their lives in European society for careers in Canadian show business, driven by their desire to win (or at least qualify to enter) the Eurovision Song Contest, and supported by limitless personal wealth.

The duo’s performance style has been described by critics as both ‘dry’ and ‘bubbly’, which is also how Lady Mary likes her champagne. They are currently working on their first studio album, scheduled to be released in the early 21st century.

Featured Performance

Entertain yourself in isolation with the full, unedited, middling-quality video of our 2020 Toronto Sketchfest set, not originally intended for public consumption.